Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Thing 2 - Library 2.0

First when Abram mentioned finding 15 minutes a day to do the 23 Things at work, he assumes we are doing this at work. I am not doing this at work. This does not directly relate to my job so I am doing this on my own time. It is even harder to find 15 minutes a day after work.

I find many of the concepts of Library 2.0 not to be new ideas. The implementing of them is another matter. It can't be forgotten that there are limiting factors too like finances and the "powers that be". Libraries all have governing bodies that they have to answer. But I think we can all agree that libraries have to be constantly evolving - trying to meet the ever changing needs of their patrons - to avoid eventual extinction.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Starting out

So far this blogging process has been pretty straight forward. My kids will be impressed that I have my own blog. I hope all of the 23 things will be as easy to set up. This shouldn't be scary.